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  1. Ceecee_C

    New tattoo crooked? Help!

    Thanks guys, it was a stencil and kind of supposed to like this. But its the different line strokes that is annoying, it looked more solid when it was fresh but completely healed, the ink is patchy as you see. And yes it is my first tattoo. will a touch up fix it? But I dont want to make it thicker, just fill in the ink gaps, make it smoother.
  2. Ceecee_C

    New tattoo crooked? Help!

    Hi guys, I'm very panicky so please help! This tattoo is 3 weeks old and almost fully healed but the lines are patchy and crooked and it is so bothering me, not so much the imperfection of it but that it just looks novice, its on the inside of my wrist. Would a touch up fix it? Can i still trust the original artist? Thank you xx