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  1. Need advice on healing tattoo

    I followed the artist's directions to a T. Unwrapped it after four hours and washed the arm with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap, pat dried the area with a paper towel and applied the goo he supplied. Used goo for three days and switched to lubriderm lotion. Like I said, It's flaking normally in about 80% of the area except for two spots where bright red was put on top of dark red. Those two spots are heavily scabbed. It's not warm or swollen nor producing any sort of discharge. I'm just wondering if heavy scabbing always leads to loss of detail and/or color. Thanks
  2. Need advice on healing tattoo

    It isn’t hot nor painful. Just itchy. Going to the shop this week to show the artist.
  3. Need advice on healing tattoo

    This is the piece freshly finished before I left the studio and before it got wrapped.
  4. Need advice on healing tattoo

    Hi all, I got a tattoo on my inner forearm seven days ago. Most of it is pealing just fine. However, there’s a couple of spots that scabbed. The intended effect in these two spots is a transparency so the artist put down dark red first and then went over it with a lighter red. The tattoo has black, red, green and yellow. Do you guys think I had an allergic reaction to the color red?