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  1. Got a 3rd session in on a cover up piece. So far two days and just using some aquaphor . No issues like I got using the sandierm stuff
  2. Also did you use saniderm or any wrapping for a few days after the work was done?
  3. Getting the same thing on my new piece... reminds me when I had poison oak. My leg piece got the same thing took a while to go away.
  4. Got these bad one of of my calf leg pieces, took a a month or two to for them to finally go away. I used sandierm on it too.
  5. Happen to me on one of my leg pieces.. and that piece was the most expensive. Took a while but they went away.
  6. 3rd time using sandierm, 1st time on my leg...got alot of pimples on and around the tattoo. IT started being red on the outisde of the tattoo. 2nd time I used sandierm... not much of a issues it worked alot better this was on my outside of my arm. Did notice a odor. 3rd time, it came off pretty quick, not sure if I didn't let my arm dry enough after I took a shower, I use a blow dryer on cool to dry the tattoo. Went jogging and it was peeling off. So next day went and got a new piece of saniderm. Odor is back.. and redness around parts of the tattoo. Another friend of mind who is a tattoo artist says it gets "gross" after a few days... and that I am seeing lol. Good thing about sandierm is not getting your bed sheets and clothes full of lnk.
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