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  1. update: braved up and went to my second appointment with a new artist and i am so happy that i did. there is some veeery minor blowout but overall the tattoo is just perfect. as for my first tattoo, the blowout is official and probably here to stay. there is a blue tint atound much of it and one part looks like i have been beaten up just recently... not nice... will definitely have to head back to cover it with more design. how long do you think i should wait before doing that?
  2. i worked with a great artist so i am sure that it is not her fault. just plain old bad luck or worse it could be my skin. i have very thin skin. you can see through my veins. i am just afraid that whoever the artist i will end up with blowout on the inside of my arm because of my skin :( will post a picture later on :)
  3. hi everyone, just got my new tattoo this monday. it was done by an artist i wanted to get inked by for a long time and i traveled a long distance to get it. and the tattoo turned out perfect. well almost :) there is entensive blowout around most of the edges and it seems to be getting bigger/worse everday :( from what i have read so far there is nothing i can do about this. have to live with it or choose a coverup or removal method down the line. i guess i will decide that with my artist. my main question is this: i already have a second appointment booked with another artist for my other arm. should i go through with it? or accept that i have a higher chance of getting a blowout and switch to a safer location on my body (i don't know where that is but i guess i can ask my artist...)? would love to hear your thoughts!