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  1. Haha yeah you forget the pain fairly quickly 👌 mind you I'm pretty sure I won't be sitting for 8hrs ever again 🤣
  2. Eekkk ribs hurt a lot.... So I hear! I haven't been game enough to try lol. 3 hrs is a long time on a sensitive area 👍
  3. I just sat for an 8hr tattoo. Saturated colour with two cover ups. Never again 🤣 6 hours was ok but the last two hours was excruciating! The whites in the flowers felt like he was using an ice pick over gravel rash. I was traveling so I couldn't do it in blocks. 11hrs at the shop and 8hrs in the chair. I was exhausted. Mind you sitting in the chair for 6 hours didn't help my lower back 😒 I'll stick to 5hr ones next time, however, I'm happy I stuck it out. Did I mention never again? 🤣