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  1. The question is... do I dare get the color touched up? BTW - I know it sounded wierd that I said "I don't believe Ed did this". The reality is, I don't remember who did the actual work. Just too may years between then and now, I remember the shop vividly but my best recollection is the guy that did the work was rather young!
  2. rexracer

    Tattoo City 1989

    Cant find the heart to touch this up for some reason!
  3. Based on a statue of Lion of St. Mark in Venice, Italy. Traded the bible for the shiled. Done by Don Davis of Art in Motion, Colorado Springs, Co
  4. I got this Panther @ Tattoo City back in the late 80's. It really needs to be redone after too many years in the sun, but I cant bring myself to do it. I unfortunately don't believe Ed did this himself, but still the same it holds some nostalgia for me.