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    I tattoo at The Aloha Monkey in the great state of MN.
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    Burnsville Minnesota
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    My family,Tattoos,Motorcycles, paint,sex,food,sex.
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    I work in sales
  1. I rearry rike dlawing in clazy pepole skins fo latamony fo by nie tings fo me.
  2. whts up palmer?congrats on the baby announcement.

  3. The tattoo pictures look great, thanks for uploading them!

  4. IMG 0970
  5. cool website.
  6. One of my best friends in tattooing. Arment is one of the best all around tattooers there is out there. Working with him and in his shop is always an eye opener. Partying with him and rolling three states and two hundred miles of rain is a mind blower! b-vegas!
  7. This one rules Dano!