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  1. Tattoo Removal Aftercare questions

    Hey did you keep lasering it off? I’m thinking about doing the same with mine.
  2. Tattoo Removal Aftercare questions

    Hey I was wondering what were your results with laser?
  3. Cover Up Advice

    It’s my second large tattoo. The other large one (my first one) is in my back so yeah this is my first visible one. And thanks! (About the women thing) I will really think about this.
  4. New one!

    Thats super cute!!
  5. Would Laser Work On Me?

    Yeah imma live with it meanwhile I get a job to pay for laser and when I have money for at least one session (and see one or two actual doctors) I’ll decide.
  6. Would Laser Work On Me?

    Do you recommend it for me? What do you think?
  7. Cover Up Advice

    I was thinking about starting to get laser now even if I dont have an exact idea for a cover up? To start the process at least? Know that I am doing something? And yes one of my goals now is getting a job.
  8. Would Laser Work On Me?

    Yeah I’m trynna get used to a cover up idea because I know lasering it completely will be almost impossible but I at least want to try. Either way most artists have recommended me to laser it first before trying a cover up.
  9. Would Laser Work On Me?

    Yeah I looked it up and it takes years to laser something off.
  10. Cover Up Advice

    Your idea is so awesome and exciting! But I just dont know if I can do it man. I dont know if I can live with a mistake on my forearm forever...and so huge... I don’t know man it’s unbearable. This whole thing has made me bitter about tattoos. I used to love em.
  11. Cover Up Advice

    Exactly!! I’ve had two laser consultations so far. And one of them was a tattoo shop that told it me it wouldnt be able to be covered without laser which sucks cuz i wanted a cover up. I’ll have to live with it as I dont have my own money and my parents wont pay for anything unless I wait a whole year and am a 100% sure of it. Sucks. I went to a cover up specialist here and he basically just told me he’d cover it with flowers.
  12. Cover Up Advice

    What do you advice then?
  13. Cover Up Advice

    You have a point there...and I have talked to two dudes so far and one said he couldnt cover it yet the other said the typical rose cover up and imma see others. I do agree, I love my family and even have a best friend and have uni and everything (even tho i didnt go this semester) yet I dont know how or why this has affected me so much. To the point of not eating or wanting to wake up from sleeping so I dont have to see it. I literally spend hours and hours looking at laser removal reviews and checking cover up artists and examples. I just cant find peace girl, it sucks. I know its stupid but knowing its stupid doesn’t make the feeling go away.
  14. Cover Up Advice

    Do you think laser would work on the type of tattoo i have?
  15. Cover Up Advice

    Its also super confusing cause some people say it cant be covered others say it can others say i should fade with laser others say i dont have to others say laser is a waste of time and etc. Like theres just so much uncertainty.