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  1. I recently got a pretty grim mermaid skeleton. I love it! What do you guys think might make a good filler in the naked elbow area? Artist suggested some webbing details, but I’m not sure for a few reasons, one of them being the history and interpretations that could be made about spiderwebs on the elbow. Anything else that might look good here?
  2. I have post tattoo regret myself. It’s been driving me into an anxious wreck lately. The tattoo itself is beautiful. It’s the words written within the ribbon that seem rather childish, and I feel make people wonder about me. It’s a reflection of something I was going through at the time of getting the tattoo. Something I no longer want to be reminded of, but the design is too intricate and big to just have it lasered off and apparently will look too weird filling it in. It’s also right in my forearm so everybody can see. Your tattoo is great though. It doesn’t have words. It’s a pretty piece.
  3. Earth isn’t a perfect circle anyway. I’m pretty OCD to be honest, which makes getting tattoos a pain in the ass process for me. But I’d be totally happy with that. Awesome tattoo.
  4. Yeah, I mean it’s a great looking tattoo, in my opinion. I just wish I would not have had any words at all put in there. I feel like I have to explain to people (i.e. employers) what it means, why I have to be reminded to be “good”, and it’s been eating at me a bit. I guess in reality nobody’s really paying attention to what my tattoos say.
  5. Hello all, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your community! Hope to share some beautiful art with you guys here shortly. Along with the many questions I'll probably have! Haha. Let me start with one? I was thinking about having the ribbon in my Black& White tattoo filled in, making it a simple black ribbon. The words within were a reflection of something personal I was going through years ago, and not something that I particularly want to be reminded of every day anymore. I had gotten the work done on a whim. I love the rest of the tattoo so don’t want a complete coverup… I’d still like m the ribbon to have that wrapped around appearance, and it may be weird because the backside of the ribbon is already kind of shadowed in with black ink. So would it look weird if the front of the ribbon was also filled in? Do you think an artist can artistically change the ribbon without compromising the quality of the tattoo itself? How hard of a project would this be?