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  1. Ditch Healing

    Yeah theres one spot thats sore and still feels tight. the tattoo in general is taking a long time to heal. my other one was pretty much done in 2 w eeks, this one going on the 3rd week, is still peeling and still cant bend elbow.
  2. Ditch Healing

    Hey guys, so I had a rose tattooed on my left inside elbow 2 weeks and 2 days ago. and let me tell you the healing process has been 100x worst than getting the actual tattoo. I know the healing on the inside elbow takes longer to heal but I STILL cant bend my elbow( It tightens up ans swells a little when I do) and its getting really annoying to try and keep it straight for so long. Im wondering if thats normal? The tattoo started peeling a little after the first week, the swelling just went away recently. The tattoo is still peeling now, But what concerns me is that I still cant bend my elbow even half way. Any tips I can use to heal it a little faster?