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  1. I actually got my first few tattoos done on Friday April the 13th, a shop in Hamilton had a poster with a bunch of different things but they all had 13's in them, they were $13 each and all the money went to a charity. I thought that was pretty cool, my artist also informed me that none of them were being paid and were just there to raise money. I was lucky enough to talk my way out of having any 13's put in my tattoos :)
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. I don't think I would have an issue with colour but you guys are right when you say the artist would know best, I'll just have to check out some different artists and get some opinions. Thanks everybody.
  3. Hey everybody, I have a question that may have a simple answer. I'm a black guy and I would love to get some colour in a few of my future pieces but the person who did my first few said that colour will not take to my skin and red would end up turning out like a burnt orange colour. I've done some research online and most things say that it depends on the artist, their skill level and the quality of ink they use. So basically my question is are there any people of colour on here that have colour tattoos or any artists that have done colour tattoos on a coloured person? Also if there is anybod
  4. Hey everybody, I live in Ontario, Canada and I got my first few tattoos on Friday. I'm planning on doing a half sleeve on each arm and my whole torso, eventually :D I've checked out a few posts already and this seems like a great forum to be apart of.
  5. I'm huge fan of Japanese artwork, it's probably what is going to make up the majority of my work I get done.
  6. The first skull is awesome, I have some ideas for a couple sugar skulls I would like to get.
  7. I'm going to get some roses done on my arm next month, I'm not sure on placement yet though...I'll upload some pics when they're done.
  8. I've never heard of rose morphs until now (probably because I just got my first tattoo last night) but they look sweet, definitely something to look into deeper.
  9. I love this, such awesome detail in the skull itself.
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