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  1. Meeshka

    Hello all!

    Did you see my original tiger up above? The one that had black outlines aaaaaaand....turned into a blob? ;) Sorry for the sarcasm, nothing personal, it's just my sense of humor. All tattoos fade, I wish it wasn't so, but that's why you find an artist that you enjoy spending time with and want to support so you can go back for touch ups and reworks in the future. So for me, I hope I live long enough to see my colors fade and that I have so few worries in life that I actually care.
  2. Meeshka

    Hello all!

    Thank you! :) Here's a pic of my other one. I went in for a touch up on the red about 4 weeks ago. It has tiny little bumps in it now. Could be a reaction to the red ink, or it's still healing. It's not serious, so I'm giving more time before checking with my artist. Just mentioning it now because it looks like white specks in this picture.
  3. That's a very cool tattoo! Love it!
  4. Meeshka

    Hello all!

    Before and after of the tiger. I know it's not perfect like a traditional style, but I wanted something different. Something other than what was available in the 80s and 90s. o.o
  5. I have two so far and planning a third by the end of the year. I had one small one when I met my husband 16 years ago, which I have since gotten covered up/enlarged. He has none and is not interested in ever getting any for himself. Apparently I told him that I planned on getting more when we met, but I don't remember that conversation. He appreciates art and he likes my tattoos. He is very supportive of my future ideas. He laughs that my second was barely healed and I already have my third and fourth ideas planned in my mind. He actually gets pretty excited for me when I show him my ideas,
  6. It looks great to me. I agree on finishing the water, then leaving it alone for a while. Enjoy it as is before adding more. I might be an oddball though, I prefer asymmetry. When is too old and wrinkly? I hope that age doesn't exist.
  7. Are you keeping it moisturized? I like Aveeno unscented. The skin is is probably dry and tight from the healing process. I had one done right in the hip crease. It hurt and was a pain to heal, literally, but making myself move around like normal didn't cause any damage to it. It took almost a full 4 weeks to heal though.
  8. These are beautiful. I know of some people that would enjoy this style, but not quite the look I am going for.
  9. Meeshka

    Hello all!

    For sure! I have always loved tigers. Now I am loving flowers and softer elements just as much. I think all my next tattoos will include at least one or more flowers.
  10. Meeshka

    Hello all!

    This is my first time posting, but I have enjoyed reading all the great advice and info for a couple months now. What an awesome group of people here! I got my first tattoo in 1993. Tiger flash from the wall. I still loved it through the years, but it was definitely faded and too small for my now bigger body. I procrastinated redoing it because now I'm in my 40s and I was afraid I no longer had a pain tolerance. A couple of my nieces, who each have several tattoos, told me "just do it". So I did, and now I have a beautiful, bigger tiger with cherry blossoms. I found out that my pain tole
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