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    He' guessed it would probably take 5-6 hours but also mentioned we could do shorter if I needed to so I don't think he'd be upset if I wanted to stop early. And I'm definitely considering him as well, I don't want to possibly infect anyone which is why I cancelled last time when I was sick with a fever/chills/etc. But since it's basically just annoying congestion this time I figured I'd get others opinions! I think if I don't feel better in the morning I call him and see what he prefers. :)
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    Hello! I currently have 3 tattoos and tomorrow I'm supposed to be adding on to one of them. Originally my appointment was a few weeks ago but I had to reschedule because I was very, very sick! Now, I'm sick again! It's not as bad this time though....no fever/chills/aches. Just congestion and a slightly sore throat (that is better now after some hot water/honey/lemon). Soooo, should I reschedule again? :( Or should I be ok? Tomorrow will be day 4 of this new cold and I feel sooo much better today than I did yesterday. I did take some NyQuil and DayQuil - will that affect an
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