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  1. Liam

    Looking for advice!

    Thanks for the advice! I intend to take more than enough precautions when on holiday, I will more than likely keep it covered and will try keep out of the pool at all costs. With it being my first tattoo I was just looking for some pointers, any more helpful info about the sunbed or helpful info in general would be more than welcomed! Thanks!
  2. Liam

    Looking for advice!

    So I get my first tattoo in a few weeks and I'm super excited but also very nervous at the same time. 3 weeks after my tattoo I go on holiday for 2 weeks which I know is not ideal but I'm already aware of things I need to do to protect my tattoo at such an early stage. Before I go on holiday I've always rented a sunbed to get my tan off to a very small start before I actually go away. So my question is this, is it alright to use a sunbed for 5 mins per day for about 10 days before I get my tattoo which is on my arm by the way, or should I stay completely clear? Thanks in advance :)