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  1. As you might remember my story about almost 2 years ago and I want to thank you guys again for how much you've been uplifting me with your honesty and your words. This post tattoo anxiety seems a very common thing. It hit me as well even though I was planning on getting a big one for many years. Many people have contacted me and having those feelings seems to be a very common thing, there seems to be the same pattern that people are going through. It looks to me that nowadays people want to have a solution for everything immediately if they don't feel comfortable with something. People d
  2. It'll pass. If you check for my posts in this forum you'll find the thoughts, panic attacks I had. I know it is a weird feeling that can take over but it'l go away! Give it time.
  3. I understand if you still keep worrying and overreacting and you know what? It's ok. I've been there. It wasn't really an easy time but it will pass. In this past year I've spoke to many who went through exactly the same. That feeling you have seems to be a very common thing. And what I can tell you as well is, that all of them came to peace with their tattoo. I think for some it takes time to get used to something on their body which hasn't been there before. It needs to settle in your mind. You're not the first one going through this and you also won't be the last one. I think it's som
  4. Hi there. First of all I think you have a very nice tattoo. I can very much relate to the feelings you're going through as my mind went crazy when I had my back piece done a little more than a year ago. I was obsessed with it. It felt like it wasn't part of my body and I wanted it gone. It took some time to get used to it and to accept it as part of me. My tattoo wasn't just an impulse decision, yet it felt like something too big, too dark, too weird on my body, I felt like i let down my family and kids and that I'm a freak. Well, now, quite some time later I can tell you I got used to i
  5. I had mine done in March. I think it took my about 4 months at least to let it settle. It was a bit weird at first to show it off in summer time when I went swimming. I always tried to hide it before but it would have been unfair to my kids to lock them in on the hot summer days and not go swimming. After all, I got some really nice compliments and it made me feel confident. It was a very emotional journey but those feelings that take over will pass. It really seems it's a very common feeling and other people reached out to me telling me about the same experience. I think it's just the
  6. Hi there. Maybe you saw my post as well which was in spring this year. I had some serious regret and it totally messed with my mind. All I can say is: give it time, like everyone else here suggested. I got some honest opinions which at first didn't want to accept, because my mind wasn't ready. In my eyes it's a nice tattoo. Give it some time! I know it's easier sad than done but I really came to love mine and I do wear it proudly now and I'm sure you will too!
  7. hi there. Thanks for the compliment. I'm seriously glad to say that the regret is gone. It took some time and it was a bumpy ride but I really came to love my tattoo and I'm proud of it :-). I had to let it become part of me but the support of this group is amazing!
  8. Thank you. Maybe you didn't see my previous message ;-). I'm actually doing much better with my piece. Still adjusting but I like it more and more.
  9. Hi there. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your feedback and compliments. As an update, I'm feeling so much better about my tattoo and I'm liking it more and more and it has become part of me and who I am. I had some tough times and wow my mind went crazy. You're opinions and words have helped me a lot getting over the negative thoughts and emotions I had and I'm really glad time has made me realise why I got my crow and even though I couldn't really show it off yet, I'm quite proud about it. This is a great community here and I really appreciate the honest feedback
  10. even though still feeling my "remorse" it makes me laugh that you suggest planning the next tattoo :-) seems like you're really, really into it!
  11. Hi All Everybody has been a really great support in here and I'm letting my tattoo settle into my body. I just have another question regarding my work: The lines are really close to each other. Do you thing the spaces in between will dramatically fade into each other over the years?
  12. Very well written. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that topic.
  13. Thank you. I'm still having my weak moments but they're getting less. I am giving myself some time and of course my goal is to adore and be absolutely in love with it. I mean this is why I chose it and decided to go through with it, right? Everyone here has been a huge help so far and I'm really amazed by it. So thank you!
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