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  1. Lambchop

    New tattoo - is this normal healing?

    Thanks all. I think I was just paranoid because this is my first tattoo I got as a walk-in. So I didn’t do my homework on the artist ahead of time. But the place was nice and reputable in general. Thanks again for the replies.
  2. Hello! I just got a new tattoo exactly 3 weeks ago. It is no longer peeling much but I am not happy with how it looks. The lines are much darker than they were when it was fresh and also the tattoo is still raised. I am concerned about tattoo blowout and/or scarring. Am I overreacting or what are your thoughts?
  3. Lambchop

    Is this normal

    I got this tattoo 3 weeks ago exactly. The tattoo is no longer peeling much but it is raised and not flush with the rest of my skin. Also the line work looks so much heavier than it did when it was fresh. I am concerned about tattoo blow out and/or scarring. Any advice?