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  1. Temporary Tattoos are bad

    I mean, anyone can have a bad reaction to whatever they use in the peel-on temporary tattoos or the airbrush tattoos you can get at amusement parks. If you're an airbrush artist yourself, airbrushing a tattoo idea is a great way to "test" if you actually want the tattoo permanently. I got a really neat airbrush blue-gradient small tribal design on my arm when I went to an amusement park when I was a teenager and I did my best to preserve it because I LOVED it. The estimated time it would last was like 3 days and I managed to make it last like a week because of how well I took care of it.
  2. A good chunk of storage on your computer is dedicated to future tattoo ideas.
  3. Relationships and tattoos

    I've always loved tattoos on girls/boys/whatever you identify as. My boyfriend wants to get tattoos, but is currently waiting to be in a better financial place to get some. I'd be fine with dating someone who never intended to get a tattoo (as long as they don't hold my tattoo over my head).
  4. Tommy is an excellent tattooer (I honestly feel like he was robbed of Ink Master, but that's a thread for another day). In regards to "awful", tattoos really are "beauty in the eye of the beholder". What looks like trash to someone looks like absolute gold to another person. As long as you can't see the old tattoo peaking out through the new one and it's technically sound, it's a good cover up tattoo to me. Cover ups are very difficult considering all the factors tattoo artists have to consider with the old tattoo and the new one.
  5. Hi everyone

    Hi everyone! I'm a 24 year old and just got my Master's degree in public health. I have one tattoo but plan for many more. I'm a huge fan of body modification in general. I'm a huge animal lover and have a few dogs with my boyfriend. I'm currently studying to be a health educator. I've also been binge watching a lot of things on netflix recently I'm also a PS4 gamer and pokemon gamer.
  6. It really is such a shame. He had awesome tattoos and seemed to have such a good personality :(
  7. The LST Tattoo Advice Commandments:

    Sound advice all people gotta follow