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  1. For people who have psoriasis, have you been able to get tattoos like others? My dermatologist said she'd look into it for me and get back but in the mean time I'm curious what others here have gone through.
  2. *If this isn't the best place to post this, feel free to move it!* Question: If you have a tattoo over a part of your body and you need surgery where the tattoo is, how will the tattoo look post incision scarring? I know the skin will be slightly raised/bumpy from the scar tissue that will form around where the incision was, but how will the rest of the tattoo look? I ask because I'm going to be getting a tattoo over where they put my port in for my cancer. I'm worried if I'll ever need it again and they put it in the same spot they put it in before, how it will affect the overall look of the tattoo.
  3. I ended up sketching out an idea I had in mind since I couldn't quite find something I liked
  4. Are there any websites or online guides for symbolic meaning behind flowers? Preferably green or purple flowers. I love lotus flowers (plus I have a good bit of Indian in me, from India) but they're done SO MUCH. The flower would be in the upper right hand side of my chest, close to my collar bone and shoulder since that's where my cancer port scar is
  5. Any cool pirannha tattoos out there? Please don't tell me "instagram" "google" "pinterest" or anything like that. I'm considered getting an outline of a piranha skull in lime green and dark purple (artist would be free to play with the idea) to symbolism me getting over my cancer (green and purple are the colors). Would love to see some inspirational pictures :)
  6. For those who have gone through chemotherapy and/or radiation for cancer, how long did it take for your doctor to give you the okay to let you get tattoos and/or piercings after?
  7. I'm actively debating about my Hodgkin's lymphoma tattoo idea. My first idea: a purple horse, head shot mostly with a little bit of the neck. The mane would be a lime green color, incorporating the green for the lymphoma awareness and the purple for the Hodgkin's lymphoma awareness Second idea: I'm thinking of steampunk DESIGN (no colors, just strictly design) clock with lime green clock hands and purple numbers on the clock, possibly purple outline for the clock. Regardless of which tattoo design I got, I would have it be under my memorial butterfly lung cancer tattoo. I plan for my sleeve of that arm to be covered in different awareness ribbon type tattoos since I have so many things I want to raise awareness for. It'd be a medium size tattoo. My skin tone is a light-medium olive tone, so these colors would naturally be complimentary of my current skin tone. I have a butterfly wing tattoo with the blue cancer ribbon for lung cancer awareness acting as the butterfly body on my arm http://i68.tinypic.com/2mm8jsn.png The tattoo would go under THIS tattoo
  8. Welcome to the forum :)
  9. So I got my shoulder/arm tattooed about one year ago. It's a small-medium size tattoo, and it healed no problem. However, sometimes I notice I get "phantom pains" right where the tattoo (all over the tattoo, not localized to any specific part of the tattoo) is. Like, it feels like a bunch of tiny needles are sticking in my arm where my tattoo is. I read online that 10-35% of people who have tattoos will get these kinds of phantom pains. Anyone else get these with specific tattoos? How do you deal with it? I've noticed if I put moisturizer over it, it heelps soothe it, but doesn't make it entirely go away. The attachment is a photo of my tattoo for those curious.
  10. Haha, this is me and my boyfriend right now with my getting my Mehndi inspired tattoos, which will end up taking up my entire leg from the knee downward 🤣 we're going to one of the best tattoo studios in our state for it, so we're just saving up the money and trying to figure out when a good block of time (like a week, possibly more) would be good for said tattoo
  11. I'm planning a 3/4ths view of a Jaguar skull with a dark green ribbon wrapped around it or transitioning (the ribbon) from the background to the foreground around the edges of the skull. It's representative of me overcoming my sibling abuse that happened the first 10 years of my life
  12. There are laws in place in certain areas (I don't think there's any federal statues/regulations) where minors can't get tattooed without parental permission (or can't, period, depending on the area). Personally, I think you shouldn't go near a tattoo machine until you're closer to your teen years (12-14) due to the incredible amount of patience you need to be a tattoo artist (young kids aren't exactly known to sit still for long periods of time, even if they're playing a game they like). Like others have said, I'd say keep her to drawing and observing other artists and when she gets a little bit older, let her start practicing with an actual machine.
  13. I LOVE these watercolor type designs for mermaid pieces!
  14. Love this portrait piece I've found online!
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