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  1. Dumbo

    Faded new tattoo

    Thanks for your inputs guys! this is exactly my point, i would understand a lil difference but not this much. I didnt expect the design to stand out, i didint expect it to be this worse either.
  2. Dumbo

    Help please!!!

    Hi can you send a recent pic of your tat? I just got mine a week ago and has the same dilemma. Im curious how ita gonna look kike once it heals.
  3. Hi this is a pretty basic question and I know this is the best place to ask this. I had this 7inch tattoo on my forearm done last week and Im not very please withe the outcome when it started healing. Attached the pics here. wanna know if its just me or the tattoo isnt really healing properly. The first pic would the fresh one, second would be third day and the last would be after a week with an ointment that my tattoist recommended. Its ink armour btw.