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  1. Bearcat78

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Dragging tattoos out just hurts more! Everyone can move at their own pace. I'm 25 and I have my back, arms, feet and armpits left anddddd that's it. Trying to get done sooner than later. More power to you!!
  2. Bearcat78

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Oh man, Timothy is the best! Nicest dude there is. He just knocked out a great white getting harpooned on my leg here in New Orleans a few months ago. You'll definitely get something cool, no doubt about that! I was on the tail end of the flu when I got tattooed by him and I thought my body was gonna call it quits haha. Had been emailing back and forth for 8-10 months though and was not missing my chance.
  3. Bearcat78

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Soooooo good! Congrats on two great pieces! Bet you're stoked!
  4. Bearcat78


    Randy is the best dude. They're all great dudes haha. Should def try to make it this year! Not sure when it'll be yet though, considering the lack of Voodoo Tattoo Con this year from what I've heard.
  5. Bearcat78


    No way, Randy and the guys at Eyecandy are great friends! Randy did my front a couple of years ago. You ever go to any of the parties? I'd bet we might have crossed paths already haha.
  6. Bearcat78


    My name is Joe. I'm from New Orleans and I'm a collector. Forever having an appointment for my next tattoo haha. Next stops are Pagoda City and Bay Area as I get close to finishing my legs.
  7. Bearcat78

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Yeah, I've wanted to get tattooed by Matt for a few years now, but travel plans never lined up. He seems to travel a lot, but I'm not sure how often he will with the recent move. Surprised my girlfriend with an appointment with him Sunday of the convention as he is her favorite tattooer. Should be a great time. I'll be at Bay Area this year too! Super excited about that one. Just secured an appointment with Henning to fill in the back of my left thigh opposite a sick one I just got from Chris O'Donnell in May! Continuing to be a wild year of tattoos for me haha.
  8. Bearcat78

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Enjoy! Just got tattooed by Paul in Austin for the Open Road Tattoo Tour. Great experience.
  9. Bearcat78

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Looking forward to Pagoda in August! Getting a rad half chrome tiger head from Tim Lehi on my hip, a lucky mallet from Acetates on my inside thigh, and whatever pops out of Matt Kerley's line book and tickles my fancy haha. Not much room left now.
  10. Bearcat78

    Tegaderm/Saniderm/Tatuderm healing process

    Saniderm typically doesn't hold up when the body heats up and sweats and will soon peel off after some time. Different people will react differently to Saniderm and some people will have different experiences themselves on separate tattoos. I've noticed that on certain parts of the body where the saniderm may stretch or shrink depending on the movement of your body that there can be irritation under and/or around the film. Depending on the level of pain you're experiencing and the visible irritation, that will most likely be your call to make on removal. I have also experienced some mild discomfort the first day I apply saniderm. I will wait around 24-36 hours(depending on the size of the tattoo and amount of tattooing) after getting tattooed to clean the tattoo and let it air out and dry a bit then apply a layer of saniderm as to avoid the build-up of plasma and other fluids. Hope this helps!
  11. When you're getting tattooed and while getting tattooed, you're thinking of stuff to fill in new gaps formed by the tattoo you're currently getting.