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  1. My personal process is leaving the bandage / saran wrap on 24 hours after completion of tattooing. Remove wrapping, clean with saturated paper towels (Soap and water) in hot shower, end with cold water, let the tattoo air dry for a few hours, apply saniderm with an inch or so extra on all sides in case you need to cut any edges that roll up / cause irritation. Leave on 4-6 days depending on the area. Remove in hot shower to help loosen the adhesive.
  2. I think applying and removing Saniderm in a single day's time is just needless pain, but that's my opinion. You'd be just as fine leaving the tattoo in its original bandage / saran wrapping and removing + cleaning the tattoo 24 hours later. The super adhesive being applied and removed in 24 hours seems unnecessary to me.
  3. I'll be missing it unfortunately! I'll be with Nava on the 6th at Davinci and O'donnell 7-8th though in NY!
  4. Hey ! I've been so busy with work, haven't checked back in on the forum. I wish I could make that party, but I'm not getting there til an hour and a half before my 7:30PM Acetates appointment tomorrow night. I've got 4-5 hour sessions start of Saturday and Sunday though, but you can only walk around a convention so many times haha. I'll definitely be stopping by the booth to shoot the shit. Anybody else coming out?!
  5. Here are 5 of the 7 I got last week. Unfortunately, that rose isn't gonna be that pretty once she finally heals lol. Looking rougher than hell right now. Will upload some pics of other two once I take some.
  6. PM Sunday / Most of Monday, my body finally caught up and I was in hell. Nausea, headache, you name it. Absolute insanity when I think back on it hahahaha. Swelling didn't go down from that Sylvia tattoo until Thursday or Friday maybe. Thing still looks like I cleaned it with sand paper.
  7. Hell yeah! Will definitely stop by the booth. I got 7 last week (6 Pagoda + 1 Shop) and I'm trying to tone down the insanity at Bay Area haha. Not sure if I'll be able to though. Your buddy should absolutely take advantage of being around all these crushers!
  8. So great meeting and hanging with you guys and gals! Still having a hard recovery from that Sylvia ankle hahahaha. Maybe one day I'll get tattoos in places that aren't super dumb to get tattooed! I'll get around to final pics, but my list is: Flaming Eagle Talon from Grez Switchblade from Mike Wilson Lucky mallet from Acetates Kintaro Mask from Dan Sinnes Rose and barbed wire from Sylvia (ouch!) Robo-Tiger from Lehi Ended up getting a small Hot Stuff tattoo from Todd Noble at his studio a couple days later thanks to a missed flight hahahaha. Time
  9. Might be early, but who all will be attending Bay Area 2018 October 19-21?! If so, who are you getting tattooed by / hoping to get tattooed by?
  10. Followed you back! Yeah, can't wait! Super cool guy, met him in May and got to see his painting collection (what he had at the shop at least). Talk about mind blowing. Haha, great reference, just started re-watching Portlandia a few weeks ago.
  11. Any of you guys or gals do instagram at all? If so, shoot me a follow! @bearcat_78
  12. haha right? So unexpected. Will have to finish quick to start waiting at Dan's booth!😄
  13. I guess I was first on the wait list haha. I emailed King's Ave months ago and they forwarded it to him, but said he was fully booked. He just emailed me from Japan and said he had a cancellation and asked if I still wanted to get tattooed. Couldn't believe it. I'm getting a flaming eagle talon on my hip or foot.
  14. Somehow lucked into a Grez appointment Friday at 1pm hahaha. So I guess that's happening.
  15. Stoked for you! If I remember, I'll drop by the shop that day!
  16. Haha a Higgs original would be pretty great too!
  17. Oh wow, super good purchases! I've slowed down on the originals, I absolutely need to stop too haha. This year I got 3 Marius, 3 Lehi, 2 Dorsey, 1 Timothy, 1 Dan, 1 Luca, and some others I can't remember. Tattoos, paintings, and books, oh my! Haha. Too expensive of a hobby. I can only imagine how crazy those originals you got are!
  18. Who's excited for this Ichibay exhibit?! Hoping to get a painting!
  19. haha I spoke to him a little about it and he said "no worry,will have space for everybody". So hopefully we won't have a problem.
  20. I'm in the exact same boat for shunga. I think it's wild and super cool, but not something I'd get tattooed.
  21. I got a little jammer from Tim at Star of Texas while Weatherholtz was setting up to tattoo my other leg haha. Tim is a good dude.
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