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  1. J.Stell

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    It is the center of the compass that has to do with the Sword of Fudo.... Immovable... The place that keeps all things in their order.... I believe... The Book "immovable" is what we referenced... When we were drawing the piece up... Weldon was the only person I knew Richard wouldn't be mad dogging the whole time.... Richard fell asleep on the shop couch.... I really love the piece. Never thought I would get anything above the boobs....
  2. J.Stell

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Got a little tattoo a week ago.... I say little cause we cut like three elements out. https://www.instagram.com/p/BqbvrWvlXem/
  3. Is there any way to flag users that are obviously trolling or spamming... Like the vitamin dude and the at self teaching wannabe scratchers?
  4. J.Stell

    My Intro & Studying Tattooing as a Hobby

    Self taught tattooers..... HUMMM..... I can list a few people that I know, personally and professionally, that started on their own, in their houses.... and I know a few of those guys tattooed Richard out of their houses.... But they aren't typical examples of "self taught", they essentially hooked up with very well known and respected tattooers, who took them under their respective wing... and smoothed out their roughness and broke their bad habits... Ehh, to each their own... And this folks is why it's important to buy from supply houses that actually check credentials... Trevino, Degan, Deutsch .... just a few.
  5. J.Stell

    My Intro & Studying Tattooing as a Hobby

    As opposed to trying to reason with you I will say this..... GO FOR IT. DO IT!!!! JUST DONT F***ing TATTOO ANYONE EXCEPT YOURSELF. If you wanna be another rat jumping on this already F***ing half sank ship, your doom is your call..... This ship never had any benefits, insurance, or savings.... No lifeboats either... There is a TRADITIONAL methodology to becoming invested into the craft, if you don't want to at least try to go that route, and you have already made your mind up as to what "you want"..... Why are you even here? At least take an online Blood Borne Pathogens Class, to keep from getting yourself, or your family sick.... And know, when the rando person at the store comes up to you and asks that question, "you do a lot of your own tattoos?", you can respond.... Yes, and know- to the rest of us, we know it's a big joke and a waste of your own good skin to try to learn on your own body.... Yes, I am a *** and a total asshole. I'm married to a big dick, also a tattooer... Good luck regardless...
  6. J.Stell

    is tattoo to dark?

    It's amazing what some know how and black can do to save a tattoo... Well done.
  7. J.Stell


    Hay.... @Oboogie Thank you... I miss you like mad... Come get tattooed soon, we got Dan Mitchell, aka DRMORLOK, Dan Higgs gave him his nickname, and he was taught by Robert Ryan.... He'll be around for a while and we got Dave Woodard coming up like next week to guest... You get tattooed, and we can catch up on our bullshitting... @SStu I will check his stuff out... Does he post healed, and settled photos, I have seen some stuff like his on the net, but no aged pics... Also, I don't want piercer arm, "black arm", so if i'm stuck with clowns, I will deal with it....
  8. J.Stell


    yeah... no on the clowns.... three years of therapy, a divorce, and im still trying to figure out how to cover it all with mandalas and lace....
  9. J.Stell

    Basic Science behind Tattooing

    If you are really into nerding out..... try to figure out what I am doing with piezo magnets to maybe see if it's applicable to a new concept of machine. NOT ROTARY. Physics.... ha, um, not as much as anatomy & physiology, but a definite runner up on the nerd need lists.... https://phys.org/news/2018-03-piezomagnetic-material-magnetic-properties.html
  10. J.Stell


    Hey don't sweat it... it's a learning curve.... just trying to help get ya jump started in the old rules.... and sleeves don't happen in a day, start with a piece at a time.... just save the hands and special parts for when you have had a few years to take it all in....
  11. J.Stell

    Hand Tattoos

    Super glad this is being talked about. . . . It's becoming an issue here in our shop, that hasn't garnered the best reaction from the (new generation of clients).... We have a lot of 2nd generation clients coming in, and I know their parents are comforted that they don't have to worry about their 20 year old coming home with a throat tattoo, let alone hand blasts.... We live in the buckle of the bible belt... It could be 100 degrees outside, if I have to go to the grocery store, and I don't feel like fielding questions, or even getting vibes, or being followed because I look suspect: I wear a hoodie... Our shop has about a 30 min question/lecture time for anyone coming in and wanting "sacred spots" tattooed, and they don't meet the required coverage tattoo wise... It's more of an educational spiel .... And most the time, people get it, when they don't, depending on the circumstances, we tend to turn that away... If someone is independently wealthy, and it's obvious they won't take no for an answer, and they are so desperate they will risk going to a "scratcher", we may make an exception, after they think on it a couple days.... (and hopefully come to their senses). I guess, some things aren't going to be sacred much longer, but in this shop, we will stick with tradition. What sucks is seeing amazing tattooing on hands, then immediately seeing, oh, they don't have arm tattoos.... I had that reaction to these amazing hand jobs, but.... kinda sunk at the same time. As usual scrolling the IG, and then a gasp.... ehh. I am getting too old.
  12. J.Stell

    Basic Science behind Tattooing

    UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM............................. I was going to totally be a sarcastic ***, but instead I am just going to be a ***.... If you want to write about your experiences getting tattooed, or watching people get tattooed, or observing and participating in conventions, expos, etc, I am all for reading about that.... As far as what is stated above, regardless of your "Papers", or what you do in a capacity as a web designer for tattoo shops, or free lance hobby journalist, for other online venues... Is someone messing with you? Your terminology/ jargon.... Is incorrect, your basic understanding of machines, is what it should be- YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND, YOU ARE NOT A TATTOOER.... Pistons, Solenoids, while you may think these terms fit what you are looking at, you are dispelling misinformation, and what about the flux capacitors, (joking), but seriously..... How are tattoos permanent, I would hope that anyone on this website, while they may not be a professional has the basic understanding, of how tattooing works.... And regardless of that, even if your piece was actually somewhat on the money, we do not teach, nor explain basic machine mechanics, to layman.... I get that you are wanting to share the love of what you think tattoo is, however.... I kept asking myself as well as the rest of the shop as we read this aloud, and all had to pause, is this for real? If so, you just made all of us a- 40 year, 22 year, and 18 year tattooer, way confused as someone must be F***ing with you..... And for you to put yourself out there like this, I would punch someone in the face.... Jennifer Stell PS Nice Tattoo Photos....
  13. Also hit up Tattooland in Anaheim, or Joel Bones at Gold Rush tattoo...
  14. New One: Clients bringing in their "love interests", and all the sudden, the vibe changes, and I feel like I am being put in a position of feeling like I am being treated not as a professional just trying to do a job, but like "spank material", cause they got all "affectionate/oddly intimate" while I'm trying to just do a tattoo... No make up, dirty hair, up in a bun, and not trying to be anything but a tattooer... I'm not a fluffer, nor do I appreciate my massage table being leaned on by someone and movements happening, that totally affect the work.... Luckily my co-worker picked up on my vibe, and interjected into the "situation", and I didn't just go off on someone for yet again, crossing a line that should be totally respected. Next... Clients thinking since they have been tattooed in the shop multiple times, quoting prices, as if they work here full time. Not cool... That's just fucked.