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    Hello! Album covers as tattoos. Thoughts?

    Hey thank you both for the suggestions.
  2. Den Rookie

    Hello! Album covers as tattoos. Thoughts?

    Hey SStu, I'm from Denmark, any suggestions? Where in Denmark doesn't matter if you know someone.
  3. Den Rookie

    Hello! Album covers as tattoos. Thoughts?

    Hey glad to hear you also like it, I'll get it done :)
  4. Hello I don't have any tattoos, i'm 24 and thinking about getting some. To start, i'm thinking about getting them places you can only see if i don't have a t-shirt on (shoulder, chest back, etc.) I like the art styles of a lot of my favorite bands albums. So i'm thinking about getting something like it. It's not bands i always listen to that often, i listen to a lot of different music. So it's not because the bands themselves have that much of an impact on me, i just really like the style. Some of the album covers i'm thinking about is: Mastodon, only the beasts head, no text and only greyscale Mötorhead no text either Them Crooked Vultures, greyscale And a picture of someone who have a "Them Crooked Vultures" tattoo, which i think is really cool. I don't want tattoos because they each should have some kind of meaning to me, i want them because i think they look cool. And i know it depends on the eyes of the beholder, but i still like to hear what you think? Also if you have some tattoo idea that maybe fits my art style i would love to see them. I'm not a huge fan of coloured tattoos, but i saw this one recently and thought it was pretty cool. I think it looks cool when a person have a bunch of different tattoos and they look a bit worn out. Ok, i stop my blabbering now 😛 Thoughts? 🙂