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  1. This update probably won't matter to anyone but I'll post it anyway haha. I saw another dermatologist who doesn't believe it's an allergic reaction because I already have grey tattoos and allergies to grey ink are extremely rare, also tattoo allergies typically represent reactions on the surface of the skin, not swelling underneath like mine. Infection is also unlikely because the reaction is localized only to the area where the needle hit the skin. He believes that the tattooing was perhaps too aggressive which created a deep tissue wound which caused excessive inflammation, thereby preventin
  2. For some reason I'm having an allergic reaction to grey shading. The surface of the skin is fine, however there is swelling below the skin. The entire area is red and slightly puffy, but when I squeeze the skin there's barely any ink there. It's as if my body has rejected the ink. It would be nice to hear about anyone else's experience with tattoo allergic reactions. Like what worked, what didn't, and does it ever settle down?
  3. Alright, now it's looking worse than ever. Has anyone here ever dealt with a tattoo allergy before? I'm going to another dermatologist tomorrow and hope to get a stronger steroid cream along with oral steroids.
  4. Yeah despite what the dermatologist said I also believe ink allergy is unlikely because I've gotten other grey tattoos from the same place and same ink with no problems. Infection also seems unlikely because the inflammation is constant and does not spread beyond the area of the shading, there's a very clear line between where I got shading and my normal skin. My theory is that the tattoo artist was simply too aggressive and went too deep, triggering this response. I asked for more shading in that area while he was talking to another customer who was waiting and he seemed like he was in a
  5. I went to a dermatologist and it was a major disappointment. It seemed like he was just rushing through the meeting and said it could be an allergy or infection. I got the feeling he was against tattoos because he said it's unnatural pigment in the skin. He simply prescribed me a steroid cream, which didn't help but made the redness worse. I'm going to another dermatologist on Monday and hoping to get an antibiotic. I also contacted the tattoo shop and they said the grey ink they used for shading is the same type they used for other grey tattoos I've gotten there with no problems, which t
  6. I've tried using different soaps and ointments. It seems the problem is not related to my routine at all. I can ice it and the inflammation will go down but then half an hour later it's back.
  7. Actually 4 months.. the initial shading was 5 months ago. I told myself it's simply part of the healing process but month after month it hasn't improved. I tried putting hydrocortisone on this morning but it made the redness worse. The problem is I have no clue what's causing this, whether it's an infection, tattoo allergy, or just physical irritation from the needle. An ink allergy seems crazy because I've gotten other black/grey tattoos from the same place and never had an issue with healing, also I read it's typically red ink that causes allergies. One strange thing though is that ther
  8. The location is right near my wrist. All I got there was minor grey shading, which wasn't dark enough the first time so I got it redone a month later. You can see the barrier between the red swollen area and my natural skin. This is honestly driving me crazy. The swelling fluctuates throughout the day and I can feel it while moving my wrist. When it's inflamed it gets red as well. I don't understand what's going on, I just got very minor grey shading in that area and I've never had a problem with other tattoos healing. There's barely any ink there.. the redness from the swelling totally eclips
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