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  1. Hopefully you’re still active on this because I’m experiencing the same problem but my tattoo is 5 weeks old. The pain actually started 5 days ago. The thing is I haven’t been lifting anything or laying on it and I still have muscle pain throughout my arm but mostly on the upper arm where the tattoo is. How long did the pain last and was there any infection ? I’m done pealing and everything too
  2. Hello everyone I’m still trying to figure out how to work things little by little on this website. If you guys don’t mind to please help me out about my tattoo question that I made an hour ago it would be awesome! The muscle of my 5 week old tattoo hurts to move (upper arm little less than half a sleeve). I haven’t been laying on it and I haven’t lifted anything. The pain started to hurt 5 days ago from my hand and 2days for my whole arm but mostly on that spot of the tattoo. Is it possible I have an infection that is effecting my muscle? My anxiety is killing me
  3. It has to be about 10 hrs now that my arm feel like it’s “asleep” with the tingling feeling. Feels heavy and I’ve been up all night.
  4. It kind of does look like a blowout. There’s not much you can do when this happens. Maybe get it colored to hide it. Either way wait a couple of more weeks and continue to take care of it. Post a pic in about 4 weeks or so to see if it actually is or isn’t.
  5. Honestly it looks pretty cool. If you add on to it maybe like a night theme with a moon, animal of your choice, it’ll definitely stand out even more.
  6. Ang


    I understand exactly how you feel about your mom being upset I’m having problems with my 3rd tat now which I need advice as well. Different story though. My first tat was a little red as well like this and you have nothing to worry. It’ll go away in no time. Just keep taking care of it. Amazing tat by the way!
  7. I stumbled across this website which I’m thankful of and I would like someone to help me. On june 29th I got my upper arm done and it’s been 5 weeks exactly and a day. On Tuesday (June 30), I started to feel muscle pain on my hand. Didn’t think anything of it. Thought I slept on it but it started to hurt more throughout the day. At the end of the night I wasn’t able to make a fist so next day (aug 1) I went to check on it (X-rays) side note I didn’t hit or bang my hand. They gave me medication and I felt somewhat better they told me maybe I bruised it in my sleep. But now the muscle pain
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