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  1. You're sweet. Thanks, Heather 🙂
  2. I did my homework, I didn't mention the artist's name because it wasn't my intent to make them look bad, and I don't intend to get tattooed by them again anyway. I was asking about the healing process, which I am not familiar with. Haven't you ever been new to something in your life? You can give advice without being condescending about a simple question by someone less experienced than you. I'm sorry to waste your time, but you should try getting off your high horse (or hog?)
  3. I never asked about this issue in my one other thread. The blowout/scarring has developed after I posted the last one. I attached different photos with a very different question. My first question was about the overall design execution, this question is about a healing issue that has arisen since then. So, yes, a different question has different answers.
  4. I got this tattoo about a month and a week ago. One leaf on the end is looking scarred and blown out, even though the rest of the tattoo has mostly settled down. Is it still possible for it to get better? I didn’t know if that part of my skin was just having a super slow time healing, or if it is always going to look messed up. Thanks guys.
  5. I think it bothers me because it doesn’t seem symmetrical with the other side.
  6. The right side of the photo 🙂
  7. I recently got a new tattoo, and I have been feeling pretty bad about it. I loved the sketch, but I feel like it came out with some mistakes (The right side looks weird to me), it’s thicker than I wanted, and looks distorted when I bend my arm. I’m embarrassed of it because it’s not as nice as I hoped it would be. Right now I just want it removed eventually because I feel like I hate it, but I don’t know if I should just get used to it. Is it really that bad?