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  1. Sheree

    Tattoo healing process

    I just want to know why does it look like that I’ve had 12 tattoos all up and I’ve never had a tattoo look like this did the artist go to deep with the needle ?
  2. Sheree

    Tattoo healing process

    update on my tattoo it’s very soft still got a shine to it outline and mickeys nose Minnie’s mouth it’s weird they look like it’s bubbling up but actually feels quiet flat and soft when you touch the tattoo so basically I’m just unhappy with how it looks at the moment
  3. Sheree

    Tattoo healing process

    Ok thank you for now I’ve decided to put nothing on it it’s quite soft when I touch it
  4. Sheree

    Tattoo healing process

    Ok thank you do you think I should do what the artist said don’t put anything on it or should I start putting bio oil on it cause I’m worried he’s scared me I got told he’s overworked the tattoo and I’m left with a scar??
  5. Sheree

    Tattoo healing process

    Hi I hope someone can help or give me a bit of advice to put my mind at ease I got a tattoo done almost a month ago and the healing process has been unlike my other tattoos first off it hardly peeled or scabbed or anything and my aftercare I was using bepanthen but I’ve noticed the outlines are raised and some parts the skin has a shine to it and it looks picked up I talked to my tattoo artist he said it’s nothing to worry about it’s still healing and to stop using cream on it but this has never happened to me before I don’t know what to do I just want it to heal so I can get a few of the lines touched up I’ll include photos of when I first got it done to what it looks like now I was thinking of using bio oil on it but not sure on what to do