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  1. Hatlan14

    Price estimation

    Or this one? Thanks
  2. Hatlan14

    Price estimation

    How much on average will this painting cost to be tattooed on my upper back? Thanks
  3. Hatlan14

    Penis tattoo advice

    Thx for your time. Plz tell me why it is a bad idea. And no I don't have any ink yet, I have one tattoo/ish (much of q scar) which doesn't have any ink in it, it is my gf name. I am not big fan of tattoos, but for some reason which I don't know this idea is hunting me, and NO I AM NOT THINKING THE BLACK COLOUR WILL MAKE MY PENIS BIGGER it is just the colour itself which I admire
  4. Hatlan14

    Penis tattoo advice

    Thx for yoir time. Would you plz tell me 1 reason or 2 why it is really bad ?
  5. Hatlan14

    Penis tattoo advice

    Hello everyone I would really appreciate a help from you guys regarding my penis blackout tattoo, the thing is I am really hesitated, deep down I know it is a bad idea, but part of me want it really bad. I have had this thought for over a month now, but still don't know. One of my concerns is how does blackout turn in 5,10 or 15 years down the road, does it fade to green/gray, bcuz I really don't want to end up with a green/gray meat down there, considering a touch up would be another piece of hell in terms of pain and finding the artist who is willing to do it. To sum up my questions? Is penis blackout tattoo a good idea? If I do carry on and did it how will it fade later? Thanks