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  1. Everyone says they don’t see it. Look at the fucked up little line off the side of the dot on the letter I. It kills me to see it. Can’t stop thinking about it one year later...
  2. Hi, i had this Tattoo done about a year ago. I like the simplicity of the design and the size, but if I look super close I can see some stray lines, especially around the letters. I’m not sure if that is normal bleed out or if the artist had shaky hands. I have another one by her that has no such imperfections, but it’s less of a rigid design than lettering. I am debating either getting someone to go over the letters with bolder lines, or getting a quarter sleeve to eliminate so much white space. The other option is to leave as is. Looking for some advice or thoughts from more experienced tattoo people (this is my 3rd tattoo - all are fairly small and simple) thanks!
  3. Do y’all see what I’m talking about though? Its like... theoretically I know it’s not a big deal. Can’t stop thinking about it though :(
  4. Hi everyone, I am new to this site, and new to tattooing in general (I have 3 now). I recently got a new tattoo from the same shop I got my other two at. I really like the artist and the shop, I am a little worried about my newest tattoo. There is some ink creepage/blowout. heres a pic of it right after I got it and then one from today (about a month later). My main concerns are: the line blowout on the dot of the i, the letter k, and the inside of the letter o. There’s also a small line extending from one of the leaves of the olive branch that looks like a bit of creepage. is this a normal amount of blowout, or should I be worried about the artist’s work? Is there anything I can do about it, like thicken the lines, or is it best to just let it go? I appreciate any and all input and advice, so thanks!