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  1. Great tattoo, too early to tell if there was much harm done, hopefully not.
  2. Give it time to heal, looks great though if not touch it up
  3. mario


    Hi everyone I recently found this forums, I like tattoos and like getting tattoos that have close and personal meaning to me. I believe I have quite a few interesting experience to share with this community
  4. I guess this would be the funniest tattoo that I have lol
  5. what a beauty, I am one of those with a horrible cover up
  6. It took the artist about 5 hours, he said it was due to all the different colors, my arm was in a lot of pain and I really considered never getting another tattoo after it. Horrible experience
  7. Everyone in my family had a tattoo and I really wanted one as well. I was a teen going through a rough period and decided to get a satanic symbol on my right shoulder which years later I covered up. My mom was there with me and still let me get that crap as my first tattoo lol
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