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  1. Who said it was complicated? I didn't say I wasn't bathing at all. I said I was sponge bathing (using jug water). I avoided getting in there and letting it get soaked because our city water was going through a treatment. I'm confused about the aggressiveness.
  2. I do wash it, just not as often as I was the first 3 days or so.
  3. The first three days I put fragrance free Lubriderm on it… I avoided the shower/bath until the sixth day… I was giving myself sponge baths, in the interim, so to speak. Since then I’ve been using Lubriderm, Ora’s Amazing Herbal Tattoo Salve and Hustle Butter. In the first few days I was washing it with fragrance free soap a few times a day, and patting dry, while it was weeping. I have been keeping it out of the water and sun. I am not expecting perfection… But as I said, I am new to this. Especially this being my first color tattoo that is more than just line work… I want to make sure it is looking/healing normally. I think I am sort of past the most susceptible timetable for infection, which is my primary concern. I know that I can still get one, but I really worry while it is weepy.
  4. Hi Guys. I got my 2nd tattoo last Wednesday... so as of today, it's 6 days old. My first was all line work with no color... so naturally, this is my first colored tattoo. I'm a bit concerned and wondering if anyone can tell me if this looks like the normal healing process, or is my tattoo blown out? I'm hoping it looks normal to you all, but I don't have much experience with tattoos, especially colored ink. Since I'm sort of a "n00b," I'm having post tattoo anxiety. Hoping someone with more experience can give some feedback. Thanks for looking. One photo is right after the session finished... the other photo is from just now.