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  1. Yeah, I guess I was just more so curious to know if people had experienced a similar thing where it looked like this but healed ok. And/or what people think is going on since im new to this and dont have a solid background. Im okay with imperfection and I love the tattoo regardless. Thank you for all your input.
  2. haha, yeah I actually couldn't see pictures attached on those threads until i made an account and i didnt notice that until i made my post, so i couldn't quite relate what people were posting to my own. Sorry for the redundancy. I did see that someone commented on a different thread about using too much Aquaphor, how much is too much and how will that affect a tattoo?
  3. Hey all, I just got my first tattoo and I am concerned that it may be a blowout. I just keep reading about it online but wanted some people with more experience to take a look and tell me if they have experienced the same. I have attached two pics - one right after the tattoo and one from this morning (day after the tattoo, <24 hr). I called the tattoo shop i went to and sent them pictures via email but they didnt answer yet and im sure they are busy so i don't want to be too pushy, especially if this is just a normal stage in the healing process. Is this normal? Thanks a bunch for taking a look and letting me know your thoughts. -Jess