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  1. The 2018 Atlantic City Tattoo Expo: Nov 2-4 looks very interesting. I plan on going. Anyone else? It will be my first time attending a tattoo convention.
  2. Please excuse me for "going missing" for a few days. Life happens and it's not always good stuff. Anyway, oboogie, your tats are outstanding. The two on your feet took my breath away. You've all given me a lot to think about and it's great appteciated. Inked people and those who ink rock. I'm starting a different topic now to see what you pros think. My thanks again to each of you who replied. I read your replies carefully. ❤
  3. When you say "wrapping" are you referring to my idea of an "ankle bracelet" made of color matching leaves, stem, and thorns? I'd love more tattoos but I'll never do a sleeve or anything huge. I also won't ever be able to do many pieces on one body part for several reasons. This rose is it for legs for me (with possible ankle done and possible black abstract styling on the sides). I'd move to a medium sized piece on each arm (or shoulder) and one behind my ear. That's about it. You've given me more to think about regarding the rose on my leg. I appreciate that.
  4. Oh beautiful... Just lovely. I especially love the bird on your left thigh. They all look like you take good care of them. I know it can't be but they all look new to me. This must have taken quite a while. When did you get your first leg tattoo done? What's on the top of your left foot? Can't quite tell.
  5. Yes indeed. I am keenly aware that "tats are forever." It took me a long time to get the one I have. I hear you about just "filling up space," too. I just think it looks lonely or something....unfinished? I dunno. I thought we were going to put it on the inside of my leg and lower. The artist thought the front of my leg up higher was better. I forget why but it made sense. I've had the rose for a month now. Enough time to think "it's fine as is" and "it needs more." We shall see. I have so much more respect for artists now that I've gotten one. It is a craft that requires really special talent. I'd love to see a picture of your leg. If not, no worries. Thanks for your input.😊
  6. Thanks again for more good advice. If I don't leave it alone and simple, I was thinking of a wrap around ankle tattoo matching the green stem, leaves, and thorns of the rose. Another idea would be to take the black outline and use that to do some abstract, swirling work on either side of the rose. I really can't decide. I also can't think of any other ideas than above.
  7. Thanks a lot for your input! Something to think about.😊
  8. Hi all.... I'm new to the forums and new to tattoos. I got my first tattoo a month ago and love it. Of course I have plans for more. I am posting a pic of my beautiful rose tattoo. I love everything about it except placement. It looks so alone and "empty" on the front of my lower leg. I'd like to add to it on the sides or underneath it with a green vine and/or black swirl design. Suggestions are most welcome. I'm glad to be here. 🙂