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  1. Ended up getting a Poseidon below the runes, feels good and looks good!
  2. Wooow, very nice! Hellboy, Alex Delarge and Ghostface!!! Who's that on t he top right? Big Muzzy?
  3. Old/Trad never got me, but I really liked these pieces!!
  4. I was the exact opposite, I had all on my right...
  5. The runes have a meaning, the name of my kid. The bioorganic skull is because I considered the art to be pretty cool, there's no meaning on the skull one, at all, well maybe some "nature connection", but that's about it, I was thinking because it could look a bit disrespectful, a skull just below my kid's name, or am I being a little too superstitious ? ahha
  6. I think it looks cool, why don't you like it? Size?
  7. Happened to me, I just let it alone, and after a month(fully healed tattoo) I plucked some of the ingrown hair and hair with red spots around it, shaved the rest with a number 0 crop(no razors at first)
  8. Do flames on the forearms count as hipster tattoos?
  9. Darn, I'm gonna have to resurrect this thread one more time, heh I have my kid's name in Futhark runes on my forearm, I was thinking about getting a Bio-Organic Skull tattooed just below it, on the rest of the forearm, but I don't know, it just feels wrong, that this skull meets with my kid's name, or am I being a bit silly?
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