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  1. tkruise

    Superstitions and Tattoos

    Ended up getting a Poseidon below the runes, feels good and looks good!
  2. tkruise

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Wooow, very nice! Hellboy, Alex Delarge and Ghostface!!! Who's that on t he top right? Big Muzzy?
  3. tkruise

    New Here w/First Tattoo

    Old/Trad never got me, but I really liked these pieces!!
  4. tkruise

    Superstitions and Tattoos

    I was the exact opposite, I had all on my right...
  5. tkruise

    Superstitions and Tattoos

    The runes have a meaning, the name of my kid. The bioorganic skull is because I considered the art to be pretty cool, there's no meaning on the skull one, at all, well maybe some "nature connection", but that's about it, I was thinking because it could look a bit disrespectful, a skull just below my kid's name, or am I being a little too superstitious ? ahha
  6. tkruise

    I don’t like my tattoo.. opinions?

    I think it looks cool, why don't you like it? Size?
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  10. tkruise

    ingrown hairs / red spots

    Happened to me, I just let it alone, and after a month(fully healed tattoo) I plucked some of the ingrown hair and hair with red spots around it, shaved the rest with a number 0 crop(no razors at first)
  11. tkruise

    Dumb Hipster Tattoos

    Do flames on the forearms count as hipster tattoos?
  12. tkruise

    Superstitions and Tattoos

    Darn, I'm gonna have to resurrect this thread one more time, heh I have my kid's name in Futhark runes on my forearm, I was thinking about getting a Bio-Organic Skull tattooed just below it, on the rest of the forearm, but I don't know, it just feels wrong, that this skull meets with my kid's name, or am I being a bit silly?