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  1. I completely agree. I've only felt this strong reaction since the latest addition of the tattoos on my arm (the partial mandala). For the other tattoos, I've gotten them and felt excited for about a week and then pretty much forgot about them until they happened to show and seeing them made me happy.
  2. Do you mind me asking, how long did it take you to get past the serious regret phase? @Carmelita
  3. Thank you. I think what’s bothering me is that they are three tattoos connecting and it turned into this giant tattoo with no meaning. I certainly hope I can come out of this, even if it comes to the point where I can think straight but still hate the tattoos. This kind of regret doesn’t feel healthy
  4. Well thank you. I'm glad that it doesn't appear as a big mistake to others. If I continue to hate them, do you think a cover up is possible?
  5. Thank you very much. Yes, the roses/triangle and connected mandala. It appears to be too much, cluttered. I wish they were separate pieces if anything
  6. Mandala on my back was a cover up of a terrible infinity design that I got after passing calculus (not knowing how cliche the tattoo would be)
  7. Hello! 🤩 So excited to have joined this site full of amazing tattoos. So I’m fairly new to tattoos. I’ve always been interested in body modifications and have been getting body piercings since 14. I wanted to really wait until I had the right tattoo ideas. I got my first tattoo at 20 and I’m now 26 with 5 tattoos, or 7 if you count the tattoos under the coverups. Unfortunately I’m joining this site with an extreme case of tattoo regret for the pieces on my arm. The three were done separately to “fix” or take attention away from the last. Now the whole thing feels like a cluttered mess and I’ve been really sick about it for the last 3 months. I’m looking for advice on what to do next. im considering these options: -cover up. Is this possible given the darkness and awkward placement? -fade with laser removal, then cover up. Still , what would I get that would look good in that spot? -get more tattoos on the same arm that are disconnected from the current tattoos -leave it all alone and give up on having more tattoos that I like on that arm I’m very happy with my other three tattoos. Thanks for reading. Looking forward to any all advice ☺️☺️