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  1. My mom and I live in different countries. I intentionally don't tell her about new tattoos so she has something new to look at when she visits :D. She likes tattoos too.
  2. Glad to hear your work turned out fine, RD. Getting ill a few days BEFORE the session would definitely have been better — I'd have rescheduled and not exposed anyone else to my incubating whatever it was. (I don't think it was the flu, but it was quite nasty.) To my knowledge, nobody else at the shop got ill, fortunately, and my artist was still able to travel to his guest spot in another country a few days later. I know there's nothing to do but wait to see how it turns out, but it was a weird experience for sure. A touch up will probably be in order. It's the hard scar-feeling sp
  3. I really like this tattoo, and I hope you grow to love it as well. I can't imagine that "messing with it" more can possibly make it look better.
  4. Thanks for your reply. Red ink features heavily in this tattoo, and I've had (albeit minor) issues with that before, so that may also be part of the weird healing. This tattoo is taking a LOT longer to heal, and the process has looked different, though. It's still too early to tell what it will end up looking like, but I really hope it will be OK.
  5. So, I got pretty ill — along with the rest of my family — the day after my last tattoo. Fever, snot, puking, the whole lovely picture. 🙂 My artist advised me to stay hydrated, eat healthily, take vitamins, and see what happened, oh, and not to take NSAIDs. Despite this sound advice, the healing process went really weirdly, and now after two weeks, I feel hard scar tissue bits in multiple parts of it. I'm wondering if other folks here have had a similar experience with getting ill right after a tattoo (not "tattoo flu", but just plain old ill), and how their tattoo ended up healing over the lon
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