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  1. Hi there, I got the same problem with tattoo bumps, it really takes time to heal. Mine was bigger than yours and I waited it for a month finally healed by itself. Make sure you keep it hydrated as well with enough aftercare ointment. It'll heal just fine 😊 P.s : colors usually takes more time to settle in, depends on one's skin condition.
  2. That's deep bro, thank you. You are totally right, there's beauty in imperfections that has to be appreciated.
  3. Im not a big fan of mice, but that has some great shading. I'd go with that style over without the shading, quality tattoo 👌🏻
  4. Hi there guys, About half a year ago I went to get a realistic sleeve tattoo from an artist in a well-known tattoo parlour. It was a bad experience for me, the guy keep taking his 'smoke break' and i have to pay a lot for only little stuff he drew. As soon as i got home, I realized that the tattoo's composition was weird and it got me depressed since i was stuck with an unfinished tattoo that i dont even like. So i didnt get it finished. After a month of being depressed and not confident,, i decided to get it covered up by this artist i've been following on instagram. He got tons of cover up experience and he is an expert in large bold japanese art which i reckon perfect to cover my old tattoo. Within six month the cover up sleeve was finally finished, I was so happy with the result at that moment bcs the old tattoo completely gone. But now after a while, i can see the old ink lines coming through a bit from the waves on my tattoo. I became more self-conscius about this now. I tried to ignore it but this little lines really bothers me and i really hope some day i can just accept it. If not, i probably going to waste my money just to get a little tattoo removal on that spot and going back to the tattoo artist just for a little retouch. Im afraid its going to be an addiction for me to keep noticing this imperfections. Will you guys please help me with some advice on how to deal with this situation and what should i do to make me feel better? Your kind words will be much appreciated. Thank you.