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  1. Thank you for the info and pics! I think I already noticed it getting smaller.
  2. Thank you Dan. I appreciate your input!
  3. Thank you Gingerninja. My friends kept telling me it was a mole, however I am 99% sure that it wasn't there prior to my tattoo.
  4. Hi, I just got my first tattoo 3 weeks ago, and a few days ago I noticed a small bubbly bump formed under my tattoo. I used tegaderm for the first 3 days removed it and cleaned with antibacterial soap and let it air dry, as I was directed to by the artist. The skin scabbed and peeled as normal. I contacted the artist who did the tattoo and she offered me a dermatologist to go to!? Does anyone have any idea what this is or could be. It does not hurt, itch or feel irritated at all. Please help this tattoo newbie!