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  1. Like I said in the ps, I know it's technically well done, it's just almost the exact opposite of what I asked for. Maybe if I was seeing it on someone else I would be able to think it's pretty, but on me it makes me want to cut it off myself as I wanted all of my pieces to match, and I already love my first one. I wanted something delicate, abstract, with no hard edges, everything smoking out, and that frames my side well, and instead I got bulky, realistic, mass that has some weird watercolor added to the edges as an afterthought and doesn't fit my body at all. I know I can't really do anything in this moment, I'm just trying to feel out my options, as I need to know if I have to start saving for a removal.
  2. So last week I got my second tattoo, and apparently my artist did not understand what I wanted at all, despite showing her reference photos and the style of my first tattoo. I wanted some violets in a very abstract, watercolor style. The first 5 photos were my references (first two for the fade style, next three for the water color/abstractness), the sixth is my first tattoo (that I love), and the last two are my new tattoo. Turns out, I absolutely hate what I ended up with. Like, have to take my glasses off to clean it, hate it. One way or another, it has to go. Is there any possibility a cover up or rework of it could even work? It's a lot bulkier than I wanted originally, so I'm kind of inclined to think it couldn't without being much, much bigger than I want. I'm tempted to just call it a complete loss and start researching tattoo removal, but I wanted to check if there's any chance to save it first. Thank you in advance, I would really appreciate any thoughts you might have. P.S. Also, I know it's technically a beautiful piece of work, I'm not criticizing the quality of the piece out of context. It's just very much not the style I wanted or like for myself.