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  1. So swelling has gone down and redness and it's now starting to flake and look like a normal tattoo. Do you guys think the artist overworked it? I've had five or six previous sessions with him and they went and healed fine!
  2. I've spent the whole day today doing very little with my arm, washing regular with savlon and warm water, anything else you think I should do?
  3. Got my elbow tattooed as part of my sleeve on Friday and today it's still swollen red irritated can't straighten my arm, has little white pimple like clusters on majority of it. Never happened before IM FREAKING OUT
  4. I'm new here haven't used this before so I'll find the thread, I'm in Ireland it's a bank holiday weekend so there is no doctors till Tuesday only emergency rooms in the hospital, I was fearing a staph infection I'm fuckin terrified I hope it's not
  5. It's incredibly sore if it touches anything can't straighten my arm comfortably. I can't make it to a doctor till Tuesday what should I do in meantime?! It's never happened me before!
  6. HELP!!! IS THIS INFECTED???? It's got little white lumps all over it like mini blisters or pimples too