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    32 years old father of 4 hobbies ,gaming ,shooting,and being tattooed
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    doncaster united kingdom
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    same as biography ;-)

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  1. hi thanks cu)bu i cant have laser as im epileptic and it triggers my fits
  2. thanks for the reply duffa im gonna give robson a shout
  3. dragon backpiece just background left to do
  4. wow very nice tattoo wish id of saved a arm for a sleeve by the tattooist that did this ,maybe hes interested in doing a full leg lol
  5. hi guys later this evening i will be posting a pic of a tat i had done 18 years ago that i desperatly need help in finding a tattoo design that would cover this up bearing in mind i need it to be japanese ,anyways heres some info about me: im 32 and from the uk i have 3 children with another one on the way, i love tattoos and have quite a few but theres just one that screams covering up, before i upload the image its all black and kinda resembles the tranformers symbol hahaha but it was supposed to be some sort of crazy tribal (more like crazy me) ,so ive joined these forums in the hope that someone can give me some ideas or designs to cover this up, idealy it needs to be some sort of japanese to continue the lower half of my hand and arm so if you guys have any ideas or designs that will cover this up id really appreciate it picture here guys
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