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  1. Haven’t posted in awhile. I only had two tattoos the last time I posted, I’m up to 5, about to get two fillers and going to japan in February and getting one there as well Here’s one of my more recent ones. Done by Nhat Be in Vietnam, it’s been healed around 7-8 months now?
  2. I thought I would update this thread and show everyone whose helped me with advice, the tattoo I got. It's the monkey king done in a more traditional style. Honestly I love how it turned out, thanks again to everyone.
  3. So in the end, they emailed me saying they have to reschedule and they needed to be with family. I asked for my deposit back and they said it was no problem and to just call the shop and ask for it. I think your right atomicmagpye, the tattoo gods are telling me something lol. Luckily I got in with another artist, I was planning to go to anyways, on friday to get the same subject in a different style.
  4. Hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick update. I decided to go through with the tattoo on this coming Monday; but from what I've seen on instagram today, it looks like a family member has passed away and they will be taking some time off, so it may mean I'll be rescheduled again. Would it be ok if I asked for my deposit back, I feel like it may be too heartless to ask, seeing as how it obviously was out of their control and they lost a family member. But I've used my last vacation day to reschedule with them and most likely won't be free until March next year. I think I should wait until they email me before I decide, but I would want to try to make an appointment with another artist I like asap to not waste my day off. Thoughts?
  5. After sleeping on it, I'm still considering if I should go. I thought I could brush it off and just move on; whats waiting another week after a whole 2-3 months. But after reading the email again, I just see how unprofessional it is. Their email just, hey I need more time drawing, can we reschedule to this specific day. There was no sorry, there was no, are there any dates you can do. I guess it will just be something I'll have to think about some more, at this point I don't even care if I lose the deposit. The vibe is definitely important, I think I may just think about how unprofessional they were and how they disrespected my time while getting tattooed lol. I'll PM you SStu
  6. Yeah at the moment I'm considering if I should go back to this artist or not. The whole thing left a bitter taste in my mouth. I do like the artist, their work is really good and fits what I want to tattoo; but like I said, the whole situation left me reconsidering.
  7. So I emailed them back saying I was free around the week of Thanksgiving and gave them two dates, and they said it would work. Do you guys think i should still bother going?
  8. This is a new artist I haven't been to before. So far all they've said is that they need more time to draw, they've been posting on instagram this entire week on tattoos they've been doing. So it feels more like they either forgot or just didn't plan well enough. It also just looks unprofessional since I did plan 3 months in advance and put down a deposit, and now it feels like I just wasted a lot of time as well. I've email them back with days I have free, but if they can't do those days should I try to get my deposit back or is that gone as well?
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new here from NY, I got my first tattoo about a year ago and was planning on getting my third one; Which leads into my question, I planned on getting my biggest tattoo about 3 months ago, I did a consult, planned the date 3 months in advanced, put a deposit, and took the day off of work. I get an email the day before my tattoo appointment asking me to reschedule to 2-3 weeks later, but I don't have anymore vacation days to use, so I'm in a bit of a pickle. Is this a common thing in tattooing? I know sometimes things happen but they only told me that they weren't ready to draw/tattoo yet.