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  1. I'm getting lots of work done tonight! I'll be getting an all seeing eye in my elbow ditch, a rose on the front of my shoulder/chest area and one of those classic 'mom' tattoos with the heart and banner but with the text 'Myself' inside the banner.
  2. Impressive list in general so all in one year is incredible! Would love to get a Hendricks tattoo eventually as well. I am originally from Fullerton and my parents still live there and I go back often so hopefully sooner than later. Happy New Year everyone!
  3. Hello, Thought it would be fun to start a thread to talk about tattoo's you got this year and what you hope to get next year, I'll start. This year I got 2 new tattoos, a shrunken head (pictures in gallery) and an add on to a Friday the 13th tattoo I already had (pictures to follow, still healing) and my fiance got 1 of a dream catcher on her forearm. I've had a renewed itch to get tattoo'd so hoping to complete my left arm next year. I have two medium sized spots left on that arm, the first being my elbow which I plan on getting covered with a death moth in the beginning of March. The other is my upper half of my upper arm/should area which has a decent amount of space for a larger piece although I am not sure exactly what yet. I also have 3-4 spots I can fit small (2.5 sq in or less) tattoos that I have some plans for as well. Hopefully a few more too but we'll see what the budget allows. What tattoos did you get this year and what do you plan on getting next year?
  4. Healing my upper arm and elbow ditch tattoo I got done yesterday. The ditch is about as fun as advertised (during and after). Feeling really thankful for Saniderm right now but still incredibly uncomfortable to straighten or bend my arm (particularly after typing with my arms bent for a couple hours).
  5. Went with my fiance to get her tattoo a few days ago so I could show the artist a Friday the 13th tattoo that I am looking to get reworked and added to. He had a cancellation on the 26th so I grabbed it. Really looking forward to it as I've known since I got the tattoo that I wanted to add to it so I've been avoiding the area until it is finished. The original scarred pretty badly and a lot of the ink fell out but I never got it touched up as I thought it gave it a more rugged look. I'll post before and after pictures when it's done.
  6. Love this! Top layer fits in so seamlessly in my eyes.
  7. My dad and stepmom were both cool with it and curious to see my first (and each one since). My stepdad who I’m super close with (and isn’t with my mom anymore) hates them but never says anything negative about them. The occasional vague comment about not liking tattoos but never directed at me lol. And my mom, who I was most worried about found out on Facebook picture I was tagged in. She had moved out state recently and just texted me with questions and asking for pictures which was surprising. I guess I lucked out because both my older sisters have tattoos so was almost expected from me.
  8. First time using Saniderm and wow, what a difference! Here is my tattoo about 12 hours after removing the Saniderm. A bit dry and perky but no scabbing whatsoever. Dont think I’ll go back to healing without it.
  9. I am weird so I have a list on OneNote of tattoos I want, if I have a particular artist I want for that tattoo and placement. A lot of times one or more of the three are blank so in that case I don't get that next but once I have all 3 I usually just end up obsessed with the idea until I get it. If I am not obsessed I don't get it.
  10. Interesting. I didn’t think so but noticed a couple tattoo stalls on the beach which got me curious. Didn’t see any physical shops though.
  11. Took my second trip to India a couple weeks back. A truly amazing country. Any must visit tattooers in India? Specifically in Tamil Nadu?
  12. My Cocker Spaniel, Lily. Have had her just over a year now.