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  1. Got this Kobe ghost from Johnny Vampotna at Thunderbird Tattoo on Saturday. I also have my 3rd and final session for my half sleeve coming up next Saturday.
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    Congrats on the new tattoo. Give yourself a few months to adjust to it, it's pretty common, especially with your first large tattoo. Can you post a pic so we can see what you're working with?
  3. Nice Oiocha, can't wait to see it! I got a Baphomet gap filler during a walk in day at The Dolarosa Tattoo last Saturday. (Done by Tony Tovar).
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  6. So Jealous, looks great! I grew up in Fullerton so really need to get back down there to get a lady head from Tim Hendricks.
  7. Here are some of my recent, mostly unposted (I posted a bloody picture of the rose but nothing since it healed) tattoos. The Toy Story Alien was a Friday the 13th tattoo that I had reworked. Zoltar and the Claw Machine are courtesy of Dillon Eaves at Charnel House and the rest are from Vince Maravel at Chapman Ave Tattoo with the exception of the original alien.
  8. Not sure if this belongs here or in the WTF In the News but has anyone seen this article about a study of people with tattoos that has been trending on LinkedIn the last couple of weeks? https://www.hcamag.com/au/news/general/reckless-or-creative-the-great-tattoo-debate/177257 The gist of it is that they concluded people with tattoos are more likely to act in haste and not think of the consequences of their actions. I argued that just like someones race, religion, or sexual preference doesn't determine your personality, neither does presence of tattoos on your skin. And also that it
  9. I am a little late to this topic but reading it reminded me of an old parable about a young kitten running around in the jungle that eventually comes across a bobcat and because it is bigger and faster than him it assumes it must be a lion. It starts mimicking the bobcat and eventually thinks it is the king of the jungle. Some time later it comes across a male lion and realizes how far he still has to go if he wants to be king of the jungle. I've thought about a similar concept in a tattoo and I always visualize a lion looking at its reflection in a pond but the reflection is a regular c
  10. A nice and bloody rose I got last Thursday from my buddy Vince at Chapman Avenue Tattoo. I actually got a few from him that day but still waiting to peel the saniderm off so no pictures.
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