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  1. tcgjake

    Tegaderm/Saniderm/Tatuderm healing process

    First time using Saniderm and wow, what a difference! Here is my tattoo about 12 hours after removing the Saniderm. A bit dry and perky but no scabbing whatsoever. Dont think I’ll go back to healing without it.
  2. © Tcgjake

  3. I am weird so I have a list on OneNote of tattoos I want, if I have a particular artist I want for that tattoo and placement. A lot of times one or more of the three are blank so in that case I don't get that next but once I have all 3 I usually just end up obsessed with the idea until I get it. If I am not obsessed I don't get it.
  4. tcgjake

    Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    Interesting. I didn’t think so but noticed a couple tattoo stalls on the beach which got me curious. Didn’t see any physical shops though.
  5. tcgjake

    Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    Took my second trip to India a couple weeks back. A truly amazing country. Any must visit tattooers in India? Specifically in Tamil Nadu?
  6. tcgjake

    LST Animal Lovers

    My Cocker Spaniel, Lily. Have had her just over a year now.
  7. tcgjake

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Shrunken Head by Dillon Eaves at Charnel House Tattoo in Toluca Lake, CA done this morning
  8. tcgjake

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Shrunken Head tattoo tomorrow then touching up/adding to a Friday the 13th tattoo I have ( isn't scheduled yet, going to discuss tomorrow)!
  9. tcgjake

    Hi everyone

    I was going to post a new topic but looks like I haven't reached my post requirement yet so leaving this here instead. I have an appointment on Friday with an artist I am getting tattoo'd by for the first time and wanted to comment on how refreshing the experience was due to his use of technology. Once we discussed the design and decided on a date, I was invoiced for my deposit through Square (with the option to use Venmo or Paypal to avoid a transaction fee) and as soon as the credit card was processed I was emailed not only a receipt but a calendar invite with my time and the shop details on it so I have all the details on my phones calendar without having to type it out myself. Today I received an automated reminder reminding me about my upcoming appointment and their 24 hour cancellation policy which was a nice touch as well. I'm sure this is becoming the norm but it doesn't seem like a lot of shops are taking advantage of all the incredible new software available to businesses. For example, an automated email could be sent the day of the tattoo explaining aftercare, providing social media links to tag in photos and even a link to their yelp page explaining how much reviews help the shop. I'd personally love to be added to a distribution list to receive weekly photos of the tattoos they did that week, flash the artist wants to tattoo and upcoming events. Do you like this sort of thing or do you prefer more human interaction when preparing for a tattoo? I realize this is all pretty simple stuff but is there any other new software or technology you'd like to see your shops start using?
  10. tcgjake

    Hi everyone

    Update: reached out to a new artist I’ve been following and was able to get in next Friday! Pretty excited. I’ll post the pics when it’s done.
  11. tcgjake

    Phantom pains?

    I get this sensation over a scarred portion of a Friday the 13th tattoo I got a couple years ago. I actually haven't gotten it in a few months so maybe I don't anymore but it felt similar (needle poking sensation and would last 10-15 seconds max). Unrelated but I've been thinking about adding to the tattoo (it is one of the aliens from Toy Story) but I am undecided because I'm kind of attached to the scarring. I ended up growing to like the warn out, beat up look it gave the little alien.
  12. tcgjake

    Hi everyone

    Thanks for the advice and warm welcome! I think I will try out a new artist for my next one. One more thing, this next tattoo will fill up the last large space on my lower arm. I have a bunch of small filler tattoos I want although I am not very particular about the placement or even the design, would it be normal to let an artist know I have some random spaces, and give them 8-10 things I want but let them choose 2-3 to tattoo or do you think it would be preferred to just provide the specifics when scheduling. I am not typically very picky and since they'd be choosing from a list I would be pretty comfortable letting someone more artistic than me choose what makes sense in the available space.
  13. tcgjake

    Hi everyone

    Hello all! New member here, I recently moved to LA so I am debating whether to try out a new artist for my next tattoo or to just stick with my normal tattoo artist who is only about 2 hours away. I've attached my previous two from him for reference and I'm looking to get a shrunken head next. I've been pretty happy with both tattoos I've gotten from him but know there are tons of incredible artists nearby to choose from as well. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.