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  1. Iowa County/Iowa City, Iowa My driving depends on the Artist.
  2. Chicago is 5 hours one way. I have to do 1-2 hour sittings. Two areas that are in progress
  3. I have been lurking around reading and commented on a few posts. My first tattoo was a half outside sleeve in 1994. Currently, all that is open are my legs, butt, and neck. LOL My shop for two years and I have had a horrible disagreement and I can no longer go back. Bad blood. How do I find another artist that will complete their work? I have exhausted attempts to talk and clear the air. I have 2 major designs that need to be completed. I am hoping a tattoo artist or someone who has been in these sad shoes could give me advice.
  4. I have tattoos that are 19 years old that one artist did for 2 years before he went to jail and I lost track of him. I moved on to one of the best in the states and he followed the style of the former artist in black and grey. He knew him and they were friendly rivals. A few years later my new artist was killed in a car accident. I stopped for 2 years and went to what I was told was the best artists in my city. It was horrible. My barber recommended a shop I had not heard of and stopped in only to find that the owner did his intern work with the artist who was killed. That started a 2-year relationship with the shop and both artists. They touched up the older art, added color as well as hand work. I moved to my chest, sides, and back. I adhered to having the same artist do his work until he could not work anymore. Good idea to stay with an artist. I am going to start a post about what to do when your relationship with your artist falls apart and he won't finish his work.
  5. I see it differently. I have full sleeves, hands, chest and back each piece has extensive meaning. Spiritual, Sobriety, Health, Loss of family and music ties them as one.
  6. If you want to establish a relationship with an artist do your homework and inquire as to price. Do not argue. Save up or look somewhere else.