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  1. Wow. That's impressive haha. I had to do my back tattoo in 2 sessions and it probably only was around an hour and a half each time 😂
  2. Hello all! I stumbled across this site while googling different pain levels for tattoos on parts of the body. Have read some interesting threads on here. Glad to have found this place! 🙂 For me personally top of my back / between shoulder blades is the worst pain so far! I got my hip/side done on Friday and after the 2.5 hour mark it started to hurt like a b*tch with the heavier lines but I got through it and I frikkin love it!! What do you all think? (Please excuse my fat arse.) Some slight bruising, very tender and in the most awkward place! But overall very very happy 🙂 Anyway... Hi 😁