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  1. This looks really nice... symmetry is overrated. Nothing is ever fully symmetrical. Plus, I know a few girls who wish theirs had turned out as nicely as yours if that's any consolation!
  2. I've gone with two others before, but we all got something so the shop didn't mind us being there with each other. I have went with others to get theirs done but normally shops only allow one person other than the one getting work done back there with them. Any more than that is just crowding
  3. kmags


    I have been using search but surprisingly the only things that come up are tattoos fading to brown or whether to use brown or black shading for the most part. I can't seem to find anything that talks about solid brown pieces or using brown as a main color in a piece. Still searching though!
  4. kmags


    Nice! only question is, post where?
  5. kmags


    cannot figure out why I am not able to post on any other forums except this one, so if anyone has advice on brown ink please let me know here
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    Hey anyone who reads this, I have one tattoo so far in dark brown ink. It's on my side under my armpit (only way I know how to describe placement lol) and I don't think it has faded hardly at all in the last two years, still looks new. I really love the color on my skin. I have been looking at getting a piece on my upper thigh. I would love to get it in brown ink as well but I am here trying to get more information because I have seen some controversy in terms of how it will look, fade, and heal. I had 0 issues with my first one but being that I want all of my future pieces to be brown to match my first I want to make sure they will remain in the same good condition and color my first one has. Looking forward to learning more !