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  1. Thanks :). I'm not an artist, just looking for information.
  2. Hello :). As said, I'm researching the tattoo industry in general and unlike almost all other industries, there seems to be a secret pact on how artists are paid :P.
  3. Hey guys- Nice to meet you all. I'm doing some research into the tattoo industry and one topic which is quite hard to find information on is how artists are generally reimbursed. So I have a few questions; any information you can provide will be very useful :). Do you know any situations where tattoo artists are employed by the studio, rather than being contractors? If they are employed, do they have a minimum wage + commision on top? Like a salon. If renting a chair, do artists also give a percentage of their income? Do different artists in the same studio have different deals? What kind of contract do artists normally sign? If at all? Thanks a lot in advance for any answers you can provide