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  1. Thanks guys. I know I’m being impatient. I guess I just want it fixed but I do realize that I need to take my time with this. Thanks for all the advice. I really do appreciate it.
  2. Only one of them has their books open right now. Rachel Robinson. But I think I like Natasha’s work better. It doesn’t say how long until her books are open. So I can’t request an appointment. I wonder if she would respond if I send her an email? Or would it be worth booking an appointment with Rachel R? Her work is still beautiful and she does have some stuff that I like
  3. Thank you so much! Like I said, I definitely don’t know what I’m doing or what to look for. I appreciate you pointing this out
  4. Thank you! Their work looks amazing! Especially tattoo temple. I’m about 20 minutes outside of New Orleans so this is perfect
  5. Look at the pictures by Flex
  6. I have a coworker who’s husband has a lot of beautiful work on him. So he got me in touch with his artist. I sent him the same picture that I posted here. I’ll post his reply below. Any opinions on this? It won’t be what I originally wanted (a light color) but at least it should look good after it’s done? ”Yeah it definitely looks a little overworked. Really light colors like that are easy to do. I wouldn’t have it lasered off because the process is extremely time consuming and costly. I would rework it with black and make the lines smooth. And add some light purple shading to it like a shadow.”
  7. I was wondering if I should go that route first and if it would help. My dermatologist does laser removal. Would it be better to meet with a good artist before I do any lasering to see what ideas they have and what they suggest? Or just go for the laser and find a good artist after?
  8. I guess this is what I get for being totally uneducated. Thank you for your response
  9. This tattoo is 4 weeks old. I wanted something simple and dainty on my wrist. I’ve had this idea that I drew out for years (it’s my kids’ initials). Finally got it done. I was a bit concerned about the “artist” but figured it’s just lines, how hard can it be? This is my second tattoo so I know what it feels like. This one felt like he was ripping the needle through my skin (more than normal). Did he press too hard? It looks like the ink just ran all under my skin. And parts are screwed up compared to my drawing, especially the R. Also the color was supposed to be lavender but that looks like crap too. Any ideas on how to fix it?