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  1. For some reason I couldn't post this in a normal subforum even though I already had an initiation thread so I guess I'll post it here then. It's still tattoo related but a bit different. I stumbled on this instagram page: which offers premade rose and petal brushes for photoshop so artists can just mix and match. I thought it was pretty weird. Aren't artists supposed to draw their designs? Or is this normal practice, as the page already has over a hundred followers..
  2. Who knows! It hurt a lot though, so I'm not sure if I want to do it again. This piece took me about 6 hours of tattooing plus one hour consult/aftercare. I'm super happy with it! (I hope pictures are okay in this thread, though it looks more crisp IRL)
  3. Good idea! I've drank a lot so I hope it'll be fine. The stencil is on my leg now and I'm super excited. I didn't even have to make any changes. It'll take up almost my whole upper leg, as the artist told me the details look better this way, but I don't mind. Not planning to get (many) more tattoos anyways.
  4. I'm getting my first tattoo in 12 hours! I've even traveled for it and I'm super excited. The artist said it'd take 7 hours and I really hope that it isn't 7 hours of straight tattooing.. I've packed sweets, two bananas, a book and a switch so I hope that'll be plenty of sugars and entertainment. Now to hope that I can sleep now that the time to get the tattoo is almost here! I'll be getting a sword and a bird in the black illustrative style, but I haven't seen the design yet. I can't wait!
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    Hi, I'm new!

    Hey thanks! In that case I feel more confident in my decision. I will look at your link!
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    Hi, I'm new!

    Hey! I've been going through old posts on this forum now for a while, ans I figured I'd sign up so I can actually post and get some advice that's more applicable to my situation. 🙂 So hi! I'm 21 years old, and after sitting on a idea, switching styles and doing research I've finally decided this year will be the year I'm going to get my first tattoo. I fell in love with the design composition of Vonthink/Santi posted below, as it incorporated everything I've wanted in a tattoo. However, I'm still undecided on whether to go with colour or black and white, as aged tattoo pictures of this relatively new style are hard to find. So that's one of the things I'm browsing the other forum for. I'd also really like to know how to judge a portfolio. How do I know an artist is skilled vs designs tattoos that make pretty pictures that don't last as long as they should? A lot of artists don't post aged or even healed work, so I find it really difficult to really decide as a noob. So sorry this became a wall of text. Uh, hi!