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  1. Im sorry but are you a tattoo artist? Have you seen the tattoo in the flesh? No. So please. Ssh.
  2. Its not just the dodgy letter. There's alot of issues with the tattoo. But no worries. I went to the artist who totally agrees with me. So i will not be posting on this site again.
  3. Really glad my stress is amusing you all
  4. Im just looking for opinions
  5. Does it look like an I or F to everyone else?
  6. I think i am being totally misunderstood here. I haven't asked the same question over and over? They have all been different. On this one i looked for advice on how easy this would be to cover. Im in the process of getting a sleeve so the next step is my outter forearm. I was looking to see if i could do something with that tattoo and this one. I have all the money saved up for my tattoos. So thats no issue.
  7. I appreciate what you are saying and after 13 tattoos i am very much aware of how the tattooing process works. This is the only tattoo i dislike so i am relatively new to cover ups and what is possible.
  8. I am listening and i do appreciate the advice but i cannot help hating the tattoo
  9. Yeah but didn't notice at the time
  10. I didn't ask the guy to touch it up. I went in to get another tattoo done (which i love) and he noticed a few areas that needed fixed. This is on my arm for the rest of my life. So i don't think im wrong to want it as close to perfect as it can be.
  11. I know you guys are probably pretty irritated by me already but i can't get over how much i hate this tattoo. Im contemplating covering part of it. I wanna get the writing covered cos its awful. The I before see looks so much like a F. Bugs me so much. It makes it look like free! How realistic do you think a cover up is?
  12. Emmar15


    10 days since the touch up. Not the original.
  13. Emmar15


    Sorry if i seem OTT guys but i suffer with aniexty and this is causing me stress.
  14. Emmar15


    I don't stare at it. I can feel where the potential scar is.
  15. Emmar15


    I didn't look with a magnifying glass 😂 I can feel the indentation in the tattoo
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