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  1. VRH916

    Hi im new here

    Haven't been on in awhile but heres some new ink.
  2. Thats asking a lot from the artist and its a bit weird. I suggest thinking about what sleeve idea you're more ok with having on your leg. Since you really want both the ideas you have.
  3. VRH916

    Hi im new here

    Thanks @dustybitch i knew i needed one skateboard tattoo. Even off the board skater forever!
  4. VRH916

    Hi im new here

    Thanks @JAC1961 just got it finished in October. Really loved how it came out.
  5. VRH916

    Hi im new here

    Thanks @Hogrider
  6. VRH916

    Hi im new here

    Here are all my tattoos. Most on my upper left arm. The kitsune tattoo on the other arm.
  7. VRH916

    Hi im new here

    Im just another tattoo lover. I stumbled upon last sparrow tattoo today and thought id join.